Why is Tele-Health Good for Patients? The benefits to patients who use a tele-health program.

Tele-health is a relatively new concept that has come on the health care scene. Tele-health is the process of treating patients through some sort of telecommunications. Today, tele-health is offered by medical facilities in many different forms. It can be used to monitor patients remotely from their homes in order to help with complex illnesses or medical tests, communicate directly with physicians and to help with the reduction of costly hospital admissions and ER visits by keeping a closer eye on unmanageable diseases.

The Importance of Tele-Health

Tele-health is important to patients for many reasons. Most importantly, it provides the ability to study patient’s vital signs for long periods of time which allows the physician to make important decisions about diagnosis and prevention. This in turn is helping to make a large reduction in the complications and exacerbations of diseases that have been difficult for patients to deal with. These diseases include, diabetes, CHF and COPD. Many patients have reported feeling more safe and secure with this type of treatment. These patients are better able to understand more what causes complications and difficulties with their particular disease. Through education and extensive monitoring of these patients their long term health is greatly improved.

Types of Tele-Health Programs

Tele-health programs are growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, many home health agencies are now getting in on the tele-health business. Some are offering programs geared toward patients with chronic diseases and even the elderly to help with disease management. Hospitals are accessing these programs for patients for many reasons. One of the main benefits is due to cost effectiveness of the program and because the savings for both the patient and health care facilities is very good.

Another type of successful tele-health program geared towards patients that live in rural areas. This type of tele-health program is very useful for physicians that treat patients who cannot get to their physicians office as regularly because they live in remote locations. Physicians have found a great deal of success with this program and are able to keep better track of patients that have serious illness. These patients are not as apt to need hospital admissions due to exacerbations of their illness. The need for having additional medication costs is reduced due to poor disease management.


Uses of Tele-Health

Using a tele-health program for patients who have difficulty with disease management, are prone to complications and frequent hospitalizations and ER visits is proving to be a very wise decision by medical professionals. Patients need additional care and education when they are dealing with complex diseases and a tele-health program allows them this ability with a great deal of flexibility.

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